Why You Should Consider Hiring Migrant Farm Workers

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December 5, 2021
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December 21, 2021
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Why You Should Consider Hiring Migrant Farm Workers

A woman in a farm carrying crops on her head.

US farms are known to hire migrant labor for their agricultural services. This trend has quickly gained traction over the years. But why is migrant hiring preferred?

Here are all the reasons to hire foreign farmworkers.



Lack of Agricultural Employees

Shortage of agricultural farm labor has forced farms to hire migrant workers for decades. An astonishing 73% of the US agricultural workforce consists of immigrants. This speaks volumes of the shortage of domestic employees in US farms.

This extreme deficit of domestic agricultural employees might affect work processes and productivity. In a survey conducted in 2019, 56% of Californian farmers complained about being unable to find all the farm help required over the last five years. Shortage of workers can adversely affect farm outputs.

In addition, as you have a limited pool of workers to hire from, you may be compromising on labor efficiency. There is often no choice for farm owners than to hire from available ones, who may not be skilled or efficient.



Negotiating Power of Domestic Labor

Shortage of domestic labor gives workers the leverage to negotiate higher wages for less work. Hiring migrant labor can limit the negotiation power of your domestic employees.


Increase in Productivity and Labor Efficiency

Hiring migrant workers can significantly increase productivity and labor efficiency. Migrant labor is highly skilled and experienced. Increased work efficiency can give you an edge over your competitors.


Lower Labor Costs

H-2A wages are usually based on Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR), which aims to prevent migrant workers from being underpaid. This wage rate is less than what is set for domestic workers, thereby helping you reduce labor costs.


Experts of Farm Work

Migrant workers work on farms from a very young age. It’s often their family profession, and they, therefore, have the required expertise. They typically require little to no training.

They’re very efficient and are often very enthusiastic about accepting more responsibility.

A farm worker in blue overalls carrying a brown stick.


Hire Experts of H-2A Program

If you haven’t considered migrant hiring due to the complicated H-2A program, our H-2A program experts can help. Although H-2A is fairly complicated, the right experts can navigate the process easily and manage all your hiring needs.

If you’re looking for such professionals, contact Farm Aid H-2A LLC. We’re a migrant farm recruitment agency that can assist you with seasonal farm labor recruitment and H2A Placement. For more information, visit our website.


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