Why The US Farms Need More Immigrant Workers

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August 24, 2021
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September 3, 2021
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Why The US Farms Need More Immigrant Workers

A farm in Florida.


According to studies, Americans are consuming a lot of fresh produce. There are two ways to deal with the increased demand for fresh produce. You either import fresh produce, or you import those who will help cultivate the produce.

Here is why the US needs migrant farmworkers:


Meet the labor shortage

Over the last few years, the agricultural workforce dynamics have changed. However, most of the country’s farmers are born in Mexico. Workers from Mexico have helped mainly bridge the labor shortage. Besides, all H2A visa applicants must undergo specific foreign labor certifications in order to qualify for the visa. As a result, this adds to the credibility, skillset, and work standards of the US farm labor market. The certification process ensures that all the farm labor coming into the country is fully qualified for the job.


A farm in Florida.

Legally acquired workforce

One of the biggest advantages of the influx of migrant workers is that it has helped control illegal immigration. Over half of the farm laborers in the US are undocumented immigrants. Through the H2A visa program, the government aims to ensure that all of the foreign farmworkers working in the US are fully documented and legally employed. The system also enables the foreign farm labor to stay longer in the country and avoid switching jobs. Consequentially, the US job market has picked up.


Lack of native interest

A study by Bloomberg states that the native US farmers don’t plan on returning to the farms anytime soon. There is almost no supply of native workers in most states, even in times of recession. Back in 2011, there were around 6,500 farm jobs available in the state of North Carolina. Out of these, 268 native Carolinians applied for the job, whereas around 500,000 of them were unemployed. More surprisingly, only 163 of these actually showed up for work, and only 7 of them worked till the end of the growing season.

As per the US Department of Labor policy, farm recruiters are legally allowed to recruit migrant and seasonal labor if they are able to prove that the local farmworkers are either unavailable, underqualified, or don’t have the willingness to take part in farm activities.

Whether you’re a farm manager or an organization that’s looking to migrant workers under the H2A Visa program scheme, we are here to assist you! Farm Aid H-2A LLC is offering farm recruitment services for farm labor in Florida. To learn more about our H2A employment services, get in touch.



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