Why Hiring Migrant Farmworkers is Good for Your Farm

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September 3, 2021
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September 4, 2021
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Why Hiring Migrant Farmworkers is Good for Your Farm

Migrant farmworkers provide vital labor and skills to agriculture in the US. Labor-intensive agriculture offers job opportunities to the farmers and therefore the share of guest workers in the agricultural workforce of America has considerably escalated in recent years.


The Older Generation Is No Longer Enough for Agricultural Jobs

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America’s baby boom generation has been the central driver of the country’s expanding labor force. However, as this generation is moving towards retirement, a noticeable decline has occurred in the available workforce in the state.

To bridge the gap in local labor force, employers need to hire international labor for agricultural jobs. Migrant workers play an outsize role in the creation and preservation of agricultural jobs and substantially contribute to the growth of farm businesses.


Requisite Skills and Experience

It’s quite challenging to find ideal candidates for labor work. There aren’t sufficient applicants for labor work in America.

Many people believe that farm work doesn’t involve skilled labor. The agricultural employers, however, require a highly-skilled, energetic and young workforce to implement modern operations on the farm and increase the productivity of their farm business.

Businesses with higher rates of migrant workers tend to retain more labor jobs than those without as many immigrants. That is to say, the foreign-born workforce is an integral part of America’s food supply chain.


Migrant Labors’ Contribution to The US Food System

The US food supply chain couldn’t function properly without foreign laborers. They’re an essential link in the chain of America’s food system.

In the past decade, America saw a considerable rise in the foreign farmworkers which bolstered the overall economic output of the agricultural sectors. They make up around 73% of the agricultural workforce in the country.


The H-2A Program for Foreign Farmworkers

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The H-2A program is the legal non-immigrant foreign worker visa program for farm owners who need a temporary workforce for agricultural jobs. Whether you own a small family farm or a large one, or if you’re a corporate crop producer, you can utilize this program to recruit foreign farmworkers. Here’s how choosing the H-2A program can benefit your farm business.

  • Agricultural work requires intensive physical labor. With the H-2A program, you can hire reliable and skilled labor at cost-effective rates legally. If you serve them well, they may return to you for employment year after year — enabling you to maintain a stable workforce at your farm.
  • A significant portion of the farmworkers in the US are undocumented. Hiring unauthorized workers can expose you to legal issues. The H-2A program is a lawful avenue for hiring foreign labor.
  • By recruiting workers through the H-2A program you’ll be able to expand your farm business and confidently diversify your farm operations to meet the market demand.

At Farm Aid H-2A LLC, we have a team of recruitment agents for farm labor who help agricultural employers in farm labor recruitment and provide them with legal consultancy to meet the H-2A requirement.

Feel free to get in touch with our migrant farm labor recruitment agency if you need legal help. We can help you handle all the paperwork without any hassle.

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only. It shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal consultation.

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