The Most Common Farm Jobs Performed by Migrant Farmworkers

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September 4, 2021
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The Most Common Farm Jobs Performed by Migrant Farmworkers

a farmworker in the field

The agricultural profitability of a country profoundly depends on its farmworkers. Without a skilled and professional labor force, a country’s economy cannot flourish. Since America has been experiencing a chronic labor shortage crisis for almost four consecutive years, most farmers recruit the international workforce for agricultural jobs. Migrant farmworkers, therefore, make up almost 73% of the agrarian workforce in the US.

Migrant farmworkers perform all kinds of agricultural jobs such as applying pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides to the crops, operating the machinery, planting, harvesting, packaging and delivery. Farmers can also assign duties such as crop inspection, irrigation and feeding livestock. The nature of their job varies according to their age, salary, skills and experience.

Typically, farm owners provide on-job training to the agricultural workers and they’re required to work under the supervision of a manager. Migrant farmworkers can work on all kinds of small-scale and large-scale farms, depending upon their skills and expertise.


A Farmworker’s Skillset

For higher productivity and adequate management of the farm, farmers prefer to hire farmworkers who have the required skillset. An ideal candidate for an agricultural job should be physically fit and must be able to lift at least 50 pounds manually. They should be driven energetic and eager to learn new things. This is especially true if they’re hired for handling agricultural machinery.

Today, technological innovations have completely transformed the nature of work performed by agricultural workers. Every day, new devices and agricultural equipment are being invented, because of which it has become increasingly important for agricultural laborers to have at least a little bit of technical expertise so they can operate the new machinery if the need arises.

In addition to this, farmers also consider other professional qualities such as communication skills, discipline and the candidate’s ability to meet deadlines before accepting their job application.


Common Types of Agricultural Jobs

Here’s a list of the most common types of agricultural jobs performed by migrant farmworkers in effect these days.


Agricultural Machinery Operators

a farmworker using machinery

As mentioned earlier, most farmers implement modern technological devices for farming operations. High-tech equipment is used for planting, maintaining and harvesting crops. A farmworker must be able to use machinery like balers, conveyor belts, threshers, fertilizer spreaders, and tractors. You can also learn to repair and make minor adjustments in these types of machinery to improve your skill area.


Crop Laborers

These farmworkers are responsible for cultivating and harvesting fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, mushrooms and other crops. They should have expertise in agricultural jobs such as planting, seeding, irrigating, harvesting, packing and loading the crops for delivery to the market.


Nursery and Greenhouse Farmworkers

Nursery and greenhouse laborers are typically responsible for the preparation of greenhouse beds for growing trees, flowers, sods and plants. They need to have basic knowledge of horticultural science to improve greenhouse efficiency. They should know how to water, plant, prune and spray the undergrowth. They should have experience of rolling, cutting and stacking the turf, tying and packing the plants, and digging and moving the trees and shrubs.


Recruitment Agents for Farm Labor

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