How You Can Improve Your Farm’s Hiring Processes

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December 5, 2021
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December 5, 2021
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How You Can Improve Your Farm’s Hiring Processes

Migrant farmers from a labor recruitment agency

A hiring process is a crucial part of growing your farm.

When it comes to hiring employees, no one wants to make a wrong decision. This is why companies spend countless hours trying to find the perfect person for the job and vetting their candidates before making an offer.

The success of a farm is dictated by how well it can hire and retain employees. Hiring mistakes are costly: they lead to turnover and contribute to employee morale problems. They come with a hefty price tag too.

But what if there was a way you could improve your farm’s hiring processes and save time in the process?

Our experts at Farm-Aid H-2A LLC have put together a guide on improving your farm’s hiring process. We’re a farmworker recruitment agency that assists with farm labor visas to get you a great workforce.

Here are some ways to improve your farm’s hiring processes:


Know What You’re Looking For

When hiring farmworkers, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding someone with experience.

But there are different types of experience that can be important, depending on your farm and what you need to be done. With so many tasks around, you need an appropriate farmer equipped with a specific skill set.

Knowing exactly what type of experience you’re looking for will help you look for people who have relevant skills.


Look Beyond the Resume

You want to make sure your farmers have a positive attitude to work and don’t cause any troubles while they’re at service.

Applicants with years of experience are not always ideal candidates to hire. Sometimes the best applicants are those with good attitudes who are willing to learn how to do specific jobs on your farm.

Moreover, always question their reasons for leaving their last job; this tells you a lot about their expectations and ways of coping with disagreements.

Migrant farmers from a labor recruitment agency


Hire Migrant Workers

Perhaps one of the smartest moves you can ever make in employing farm workers is hiring migrant workers, which is why 73% of the US agricultural workers are migrants.

You can hire them seasonally without the help of a farm labor recruitment agency such as Farm Aid H-2A LLC without the hassles of documentation.

Migrant labor recruitment proves cheap without having to pay workers healthcare benefits, taxes, etc. Migrant workers are exceptionally skilled with years of practice and often require minimal training.

They recognize the stakes with their jobs and remain focused on work without interacting too much and costing valuable work time.

At Farmaid H-2A LLC, we’ve got over a decade’s worth of experience and placing seasonal workers at different types of agricultural operations.

Get H-2A work visas for farmworkers without worrying about legal entanglements.

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