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Farm Aid H-2A LLC is a legal consulting agency that’s trusted in 46 states. We’re at your service throughout the year, helping you with the legal aspects of the H-2A visa program.
1What is the H-2A Visa Program?
The United States government created the H-2A program to help agricultural employers that are experiencing shortages in domestic labor. Participation in the program requires agricultural employers to prove that their business has a need for seasonal or temporary labor.
2How is the process for seasonal H-2A U.S. work visas started?
Reach out to Farm Aid H-2A LLC today to get started. We’ll discuss the essential requirements of the program with you, and ensure that you’re in compliance with all regulations at every step of the process. We recommend that you get in touch with us a minimum of 120 days before your preferred start date for your foreign workers.
3Is my business eligible for the H-2A Visa Program?
Any agricultural employer in the United States that can demonstrate a need for recurring seasonal or temporary labor can benefit from the H-2A program. The H-2A visa program benefits a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:
  • Nurseries and greenhouses
  • Fruit and vegetable growers
  • Vineyards
  • Specialty agricultural operations
  • Beekeeping
  • Horse breeding
  • Cattle/livestock herding
  • Fish farming
    4Why choose Farm Aid H-2A LLC?
    With over 11 years of experience, Farm Aid H-2A is the leading H-2A agency operating in over 46 states. Our expertise enables us to provide personalized solutions, no matter the size or scope of your agricultural operations. We work with more agricultural employers and a larger variety of crops than other H-2A agencies. We’re committed to your success, and help you navigate the complex H-2A program so that your agricultural business can thrive.
    5Can your agency help me with staffing, placement, or recruitment?
    If your business requires recruitment or placement services, we can arrange them for you through our recruitment providers. We do NOT provide representation for migrant or non-migrant farmworkers.

    If you need further information on seasonal H-2A US work visas or our H-2A placement services, contact us today.

    Our agency can help secure your farm with convenient seasonal labor certifications for your migrant workforce.