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H2A Work Visa Program - FAQs

What is the H2A Labor service program?
The H2A program was created by the United States government to help farmers that are experiencing shortages in domestic labor. Under the H2A guest worker program, farmers can legally hire foreign workers to meet their seasonal or temporary needs.
How is the process started?
Contact Farm Aid H-2A LLC to describe the type of farm that you have and the type of jobs you are offering. With the information given, Farm Aid H-2A LLC can begin your H2A Visa and US Work Visa application process.
When should applications be in?
We suggest that you contact Farm Aid H-2A LLC at least 120 days before the start date of your foreign workers.
Is the paperwork a burden?
Our forms are user friendly and only need the information to obtain the Department of Labor and US Citizenship and Immigration Services approval. Farm Aid H-2A LLC handles all applications like Seasonal H2A US Work Visas for you.
What is the approval time?
Normally, H2A Work Visa and US Work Visa applications take 75 days for approval.
How long is the certification valid?
Depending on the time you need foreign workers, the Department of Labor certifications are valid for 10 months or less.

For more information on seasonal H2A Work Visas, contact us today. We can help in securing your farm with convenient seasonal labor certifications for your migrant workforce.