A Guide to Supporting Your Migrant Farmworkers

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September 3, 2021
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September 3, 2021
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A Guide to Supporting Your Migrant Farmworkers

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Migrant farmworkers play a critical role in the US’s agricultural sector. It’s, therefore, important for farmers to support their migrant employees. The H-2A program also puts numerous responsibilities on the agricultural employers who hire temporary farmworkers from other countries.

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), approves the lawful admittance of temporary, nonimmigrant farmworkers to execute temporary or seasonal agricultural jobs. There are, however, numerous requirements, you need to fulfil before hiring H-2A workers. The employer requirements might seem intimidating at first, but if you seek help from a reputable H-2A employment agency, they can help you meet these requirements and support your temporary agricultural workers effortlessly.


Housing and Meals

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To fully support the H-2A workers, the employers need to pay adequate attention to their housing, meals and transportation. The H-2A program requires employers to provide housing at no cost to temporary farmworkers. They’re also required to provide accommodation to the domestic workers who can’t return home the same day.

Besides, the employers are also required to offer at least 3 meals every day. You can also support your employees by providing them with kitchen facilities where they can cook meals by themselves.

Keep in mind, the housing facility also needs to be safe and secure, to ensure optimum protection of the employees.



To provide economic and financial support to the migrant farmworkers, employers need to secure their transportation from their home country to the field. Besides, you’ll also have to provide them with free transportation daily, from their living quarters to the jobsite. The transportation facility should meet the required safety requirements and be operated by licensed drivers.

In addition, the employers must also pay for the daily subsistence and return transportation of the covered employee. You can also arrange the transportation yourself.


Employment Records

To provide complete job security to employees, make sure you’re maintaining complete records of the work hours you offer every day and the hours actually worked by them. The H-2A program requires the employers to show the hours and earning statement to the workers before or on the payday. The earning statement must also specify the hourly rate, daily units produced, gross earnings for the period and deductions from the salary. The wages must be paid at least twice every month.


H-2A Placement Services

The employer requirements for the H-2A program are complex. You need to be careful about numerous employment aspects and labor rights.

At Farm Aid H-2A LLC, we can help you manage these requirements conveniently. We can guide you through legal procedures and assist you in effectively supporting the migrant employees.

Contact our migrant farm labor recruitment agency in Williston, USA, if you have any concerns regarding the H-2A program. Our recruitment agents for farm labor are here to help.

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only. It shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal consultation.

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