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Recruitment Services for Farm Labor

Labor Services

Small farms often rely on temporary agricultural workers for farm labor to get crops to market. Our H2A employment agency helps prepare and file documents, such as H2A Work Visas and H2B Work Visas, which will ensure compliance with all labor regulations and requirements. We also offer recruitment services for farm labor and the necessary documentation to provide farm workers for grower's associations and similar organizations.


Getting the answers to your questions on the H2A Visa program is essential. Check out our list of FAQs to ensure you understand everything required for H2A Visa Agent and Work Visas and bringing on migrant domestic labor to help with your farm.

Employer Requirements

As an employer of migrant workers, farmers have specific obligations required by law. From placing labor ads in local newspapers to providing adequate housing, farm owners must provide a range of living services.

Our Story

Farm Aid H-2A LLC in Anthony, Florida, helps farms meet their seasonal labor demands by helping migrant farm workers obtain foreign labor certifications, as well as offering recruitment services looking for farm labor. Our H2A employment agency understands what it takes to get proper approval for immigrant labor. We provide advisory services and help farmers and organizations meet their labor needs, as well as help secure the best possible conditions for migrant farm workers.

Ensure your farm has the skilled workers it needs.
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